Aktel was established in 1983 under the name of Aktel Ltd. Co. Our company started its production with table, chair and television stands. After 1988, it has been carrying out decoration with sitting group and moveable furniture for hotels, restaurants, cafes and fastfood companies.

The first store opened in 1991 which aimed to reach the retail customers and showed its products. In 1995, Aktel started to produce in its own factory that is 2000m2. After new producing place, Aktel started to use new materials in its production. At the same time, its production capability increased with the new CNC machines. Now a days, we are proud of being a pioneer in the sector.

We are experiencing growth faster with our branches in Turkey and Europe to adapt to the growing world market.
Also, we are in role of regional distributor of leader companies in their sector thats are Papatya (Plastic furniture manufacturer), Gentas (Werzalit material manufacturer)