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Our brand was born in 1983 as Aktel Ltd. Co. for producing chair, table and TV console. After 1988, it started to produce more decorative products for hotels, restaurants, cafes and fastfood companies.

We are constantly improving...

Aktel wanted to serve for retail customers with opening first showroom in 1991. Also in 1995, Aktel started to produce in his own factory that is 2000 m2. By closely following all the developments in the world, it has begun to apply wood, metal and glass materials within its own structure to meet the developing and growing product needs. Apart from mass production, it has chosen to be the leading company in its sector with its special projects, original designs and concept applications. Aktel continues its path, by renewing his machine park with CNCs in 1999, 2009 and 2013, increasing his quality and speed in its production.

We are experiencing growth faster with Turkey and the European market in developing and growing our franchise system in order to approach more operational. With the need to open our second retail and display store in 2013, it aimed to reach the end consumer. For Aktel, based on customer satisfaction and trust, teamwork, leadership, innovation, continuous development and learning, is the primary principle. In addition, Aktel plays the role of regional distributors of leading companies (Papatya, Gentaş, Pelilam) in their sector.



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